well, its been awhile since we've made an entry, but we are now all moved in back in hamilton! I've been steadily gaining weight, already having put on 20lbs. Our little baby has been kicking, punching, dancing, somersaulting and wiggling up a storm!! He keeps me awake at night sometimes with all his movements. at this point he weighs just over one pound himself and measuring at around one foot in length. we had our first ontario doctors appointment and my uterus measured in at 9.5 inches in length. well above my belly button now! the baby's heartbeat was fun to listen to this time because he wouldn't stop kicking around long enough for a good count. it was neat to hear his kicks and see them at the same time. his heart rate was 160bpm. rob thinks at this point he probably has a mustache! the new center we are going to is called The Maternity Center, across from st.josephs hospital, where we will deliver. so far it seems to be a nicer place than our other one in edmonton. we will be making calls this month and looking into some prenatal classes or partner yoga workshops. also, i have been feeling very tired lately and am doing another blood test to ensure that i do not have iron deficiency anemia.
as far as the baby being born is concerned we have decided on a few things. we were hoping to find out more information about a waterbirth option but have been told that at st.josephs they do labouring in water but not the birth. we have also decided that we will be using cloth diapers! check out some of the links i have posted to learn more about using them. :) we have also picked nursery decor! i can't wait to start putting the room together. we will be using a bright and fresh green and some leopard print wallpaper all accented with bright colours like orange and turquoise. and... the most important thing that we have decided, is the little baby's name!!
his name is Colt Kenneth Earl Carruthers!
on my side of the family it is tradition to name all the children with names beginning with the letter C. we also wanted a unique name! kenneth is my grandfathers name while earl is rob's grandfathers name that has been given to both rob and his father as well. we think it has a nice ring to it.
will post some more belly pictures soon!