ultrasound ultraexcited

a front view of the baby, its facial features, arm & little hand, and weird little legs

the back of the baby, shoulders & hips

the babys profile and little face, slight view of the spine & brain

yay! ultrasound! almost didn't make it between clocks reading wrong, directions to pick up rob in a small town being confused, dead cell phone, almost running out of gas, and almost getting, a speeding ticket all the while ready to burst after drinking all the required water, we made it. haha with 7 minutes of our appointment time left! i had to pee SO bad by this point, she started the ultrasound and told me i could go empty a cup of my bladder, ha! trying to stop midstream was a challenge. but i managed and went back to the room. the ultrasound tech was not happy, got to her business and wasn't going to let rob in the room. she did all her measurements though and then called rob in and we looked at the monitor together. it was pretty amazing!

the baby was so active, we could see all its little fingers and spine, ribs, and brain... it was really awesome! the baby is 7.28cm long from head to bum not including the legs, it's heartbeat was 158 beats per minute and we are officially at 13weeks and 3 days. the baby was waving its arms and flipping all around. i could have watched that monitor for so long! the tech said it was too early to determine sex, so we'll be waiting until the next one to hear that news! (although rob insists he can see its a boy, lol)


st. patricks day cheer without the beer..

so today is st. patricks day, and if we are right on our self predicted date of conception, today is the end of the first trimester! yay! maybe that will mean no more throwing up and being super sleepy alll the time?? i hope so...

so up until this point:
on january 28th i decided to take an at home pregnancy test (from the dollar store), and it gave me a positive result.. uhh rob, you might wanna come take a look at this... so we were very skeptical (dollar store test..) so that afternoon we went to planned parenthood where another test confirmed that we were indeed having a baby.
rob: excited
christin: scared
so we were in shock all afternoon and decided to make all the family calls. some went better than others, but in general there was mostly happiness. or at least it would turn into happiness eventually after the shock of it all.

so from january until now i've been getting quite sick at work since smells are overwhelming and i've also been extremely tired, i didn't really think being pregnant would feel this awful! also, i definitely miss
coffee and beer and wine but its a worthwhile sacrifice. even though i was waiting for roll up the rim to return since i was a twice daily customer, but oh well.
i have had a few cravings that have had us running to stores or restaurants but nothing too weird.

march 10th was our first doctors appointment. we are going to a group here in edmonton called
mom care which is a group of 6 OBgyn female doctors. you meet with all of them throughout the pregnancy and during delivery day whichever doctor is oncall that day will deliver.
my weight was 55.9kg or 123lbs. and we got to hear the baby's heartbeat!! that was really
exciting, as it made it feel real. like there actually IS a baby in there and i dont just have some parasite or flu making me feel sick. the baby's heartbeat was 166 beats per minute. sounded like a little hummingbird!
my belly is definitely starting to show now, will post some pictures soon. updates on wednesday with the news from our first ultrasound.... ahh! hope we find out if its a boy or a girl. oh and
rob: very excited
christin: very excited