Colt & my belly at 31 weeks. He weighs 3lbs 8oz so far and is measuring right on! (that's the umbilical cord in front of his face). Couldn't be happier to hear he is healthy.



so so excited to see the baby tonight at the ultrasound! we went on our hospital tour last night and saw lots of super tiny newborns. lol, i want mine now!

we got to see the delivery and recovery rooms and the maternity ward and everything. the delivery rooms are very nice and comfortable, pretty cozy looking. i'm not so sure i'm interesting in labouring in water anymore. the 'tub' is a very odd looking contraption that seems like a confinement chair or something, but it is in a really small room that had it not been painted with an underwater mural on all four walls, i could have easily felt like it was the janitors closet. apparently though there is 1 room that has a labouring tub actually in the room you would deliver in, and you can request it but if it's taken it's taken. so we'll see.

haha as i'm writing this, Colt has the hiccups. it's an interesting feeling.
also, this morning when I woke up I had a very strong feeling of not being pregnant, it was pretty weird. even after I physically got out of bed I still felt light. lol, I ran to the scale to make sure I didn't magically lose weight overnight. By the time I got to the scale, I felt every lb of pregnancy again. lol.


tick tock

So we are busy working away at getting the nursery together. 3 of the walls have been painted and one wall is half wallpapered. ugh, wallpaper hanging is miserable! it will all come together nicely though. after today we still have to paint all the trim and doors a nice bright white and then we can begin laying down the laminate flooring. (the room had a dusty pink looking carpet before). then I can finally start setting up the crib and adding all the little decorative touches I've been wanting to do for so long!

Sometimes I look at that little ticker over there to the right of this page and think, oh man, I still have to wait another 60 days or so, and then some days I think AHH I only have 60 days left!! Still seems like there is so much to do and learn before he comes. (as if anyone is ever really ready I'm sure). so tonight is our Hospital Tour. I think it's about an hour or so and we will see the birthing rooms and all the options of labouring available to us, the recovery rooms, etc. I'm looking forward to it, hopefully to ease some anxieties about giving birth.

we had another prenatal appointment last week and from now on they will be every two weeks, and then soon enough every week. so, there should be more to write about these next few weeks. seems like we have a million appointments! on wednesday we go for an ultrasound! at our last prenatal check up my uterine measurement was slightly on the small side, so the nurse asked if i would like an ultrasound just to ease my mind that everything is ok. also, since moving from edmonton they do not have their own ultrasound images to refer to here in hamilton so it is partly for their own records as well. I can't wait to see him on the monitor again... hopefully we will be allowed to take home some more photos. maybe they can even do a 3d scan? that would be pretty awesome. i think that when we get closer to the date we will pay to have a 3d ultrasound done. it's amazing how clear they are!
(check out fetal expressions)

in the meantime we've just been reading up on birth and babycare! we've made a decision to raise Colt as a 'green' baby. we are working on educating ourselves on products that are safe to not only the baby but the environment and animals as well. (see dimpleskins naturals). we were surprised to learn that many leading companies such as johnson & johnson test their products on animals! (see PETA). i've also been reading more and more about cloth diapering since that is the route we are taking. i stumbled upon a site the other day with a long list of 'recipes' of wipe solutions to try out for using your own cloth diaper wipes instead of disposable wipes. most people seem fairly negative towards cloth diapering but the more i read the more it makes sense and rob and i both feel very committed towards making it work. i think diapers are going to suck either way, lol. also for extended time away from home there is a 'new earth friendly hybrid' diaper available called g.diapers. i think we may order a 'starter kit' from them just to have on hand when it isn't feasible to use cloth. (like say when we go to the cottage and the nearest laundromat is 30mins away and all of our cloth diapers are soiled!)

so, we should have more to post in the next couple days with the ultrasound and all. also, more belly pics to come soon, i'm getting big! 30lbs gained so far.. ahh.