drum roll please.....

cute little fat face!

cool alien skull

baby's little spine.. you can make out the body form and legs.

AND..... it's a boy!!!!
the voters were right (20 for a boy, 16 for a girl)
we found out that we are a week further than we thought, so as of today, I am half way there! 20 weeks! we are both now really excited and I can't wait to see and hold him. feels like too long to go still. my belly is growing bigger and bigger, although I've only gained about 12 pounds since the beginning.

The other day we went to rob's nana's for dinner, and it turned out to be a surprise baby shower!! it was so nice to see the whole family and everyone together. it made it feel very real to open up all the tiny little baby outfits and imagine that soon our son will be wearing them. it was a really nice evening full of stories, haha good and bad about babies & kids!

so we are in the process of frantically packing up the house, our movers called and are coming tomorrow, a day early. we are hoping to have everything all taken care of and have our landlord go through the house on saturday and be on the road! it's going to be an interesting road trip to say the least... 4 kitties in the back of the SUV behind a gate, a snake in a tank on the back seat, a gecko in a travel tank on top of him, our little ferret girl in a cat carrier behind the seat on the floor, our mouse in his cage on the other side, and our husky girl aurora will have a seat to herself in the back but will probably be taking over the passenger seat the whole time. "pet friendly motels" beware, a travelling zoo is coming through.


bursting bubbles

So last night, oddly enough after watching Juno, we were laying in bed with all the pets just relaxing and I felt the baby move!! Our littlest and loudest kitty was laying on my belly right over the baby purring away and I guess the baby was responding to her. I felt it move three times. It felt kinda like a bubble gum bubble bursting. It was pretty exciting! Today I have felt it twice as well. I'm guessing I better enjoy these little flutters now before they start to feel like a little baby with boots on kicking me.



a picture of the growing belly, and the maternity jeans!


busy daze..

Well we are into week 16, day 108! My belly is finally starting to show, and definitely feels like it has been growing. We have started hitting up maternity stores and I thought I would dread trying to fit into those elastic banded jeans, but they are actually amazingly comfortable! I'm passed all the morning sickness which has been really awesome and food is now my best friend! Just feel tired alot and have been getting some cramps called 'growing pains'.

We have decided that it is in our best interest, mostly for financial reasons, to move back to Ontario into my mom's house. It's bittersweet (like the sour candies I've been craving everyday) but it's for the best! We have our truck booked for the end of April, and my oh my if being pregnant and moving wasn't stressful enough, trying to jam the move in by the end of the month is driving me crazy! But, it will all work out and Rob has been working very hard to keep things running smooth. Rob has finished working for now to try to get the house packed up, and I will be working up until the 25th or so. Stressful!!

This week I am going for some bloodwork to detect if I am in a risk category at all for Downs Syndrome and then our next ultrasound is April 23rd. I can't wait! It's hopefully the one that we find out if it's a little boy or girl! Sooo we will definitely post an update and pictures after the ultrasound, and baby co-operating, announce who it is!