c'mon Colt!!!

Well, the end is near. We had our very last appointment today at the Maternity Center, so we have scheduled an induction. Sometime on Friday, St. Josephs labour & delivery will call and I will go in to have a method of induction done involving a prostaglandin gel. They'll keep me for an hour to monitor me and the baby to see if labour will begin, if not I will be going home and returning in 6 hours for the procedure to be repeated. If the two applications of gel don't bring labour on, then on saturday morning I'll be returning to labour & delivery where they will give me IV of pitocin to start contractions! If all goes well baby Colt should be born on Saturday September 27th! If he isn't born until Sunday, it probably means I've had a really long labour, (lol so be cautious if you visit!) :) Since we were hoping for a natural birth I'm kind of dissapointed to have to be facing an induction, but there are alot of risks if the baby stays in for too long, so I know it is best. With a pitocin induced labour, contractions are apparently far more intense and painful, so I may end up having to request an epidural which I was also hoping to avoid. We'll have to just wait and see how I can tolerate the pain I suppose.
but... we are REALLY hoping he decides to make an appearance on his own sometime between now and friday. Wish us luck!

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