(..jeopardy theme song..)

well, it's getting sooo close to the due date! I'm hoping every single day that it's the last but he must be pretty cozy in there. we had an appointment on thursday the 11th, and Colt's heartbeat was at 142bpm and he seems like he is doing great! His head is pretty low down, at a -4 station (see picture below),

but he still has a ways to drop. i am dilated to 1cm, so not really a whole lot of progress but things can change quick! (i hope!!) Our doctor did a procedure to "get things moving along" which brought on alot of strong contractions, but nothing regular or timeable, and they stopped after a few hours. the last few days have just been alot of achiness but nothing "real" so far. our next appointment is on thursday, the 18th. his due date! wish us luck.
oh, also, don't forget to make a guess on the baby pool!

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